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Delicious Meals Intricately Prepared

We don’t adhere to rigid meal times, instead we offer a personalized and tailored service according to your needs. So if you have a late flight into Nairobi and would love a bite to eat before you go to bed, or have to wake up early to go on safari, our exceptional personnel will be at your service whenever you desire. We have a daily menu available that includes a diversity of dishes, but are happy to accommodate any guests who have special dietary requirements or simply have particular cravings that they want to satisfy.

Day Guest Reservations

We get a large number of lunch and dinner requests from guests who aren’t spending the night, and therefore sometimes open the restaurant to the public. This ultimately depends on the demand of that day, given that our restaurant has a maximum capacity of 18 people. We aim to keep it small, cosy and personal as this enables us to engage with each guests specific needs.


Popular Food in Kenya

Wine And Dine

Our a la carte menu includes a range of Mediterranean, Oriental and Kenyan cuisine. We also feature a cocktail bar and relaxing lounge which offers guests another avenue to unwind.

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